Saturday, 28 April 2012


Name: Isabella Midnight
Nickname: Izzy, Bella and Bells
Gender: Female
Age: 18 but can pass for 22
Nationality: Irish
Appearance: Long dark hair. Brown oval eyes. Slim.
Height: 4'7"
Favourite color: Green!
Clothes: Tight trousers, tight black leather jacket, rbown vest, black knee high boots.
Personality: A nice personality. Can flirt to get out of situations. Deadly to enemies.
Magical Ability: Elemental.
Weapons: Throwing knives. Master at guns as well.
Other skills: Isabella can hack any computer and can do anything with her body.
Vehicles: A black Suzuki Hayabusa. (Motorbike)
Likes: Getting her way. .
Dislikes: Spiders.
History: Parents were killed when she was 4. She trained every day and eventually, when she was 11, she killed the man.
Fighting style: Quick but painful.

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  1. That OC is absolutely AMAZING!!
    Some really awseome Stories can be made with that OC :)